A Royal Presentation

13th May 2019: On a bright sunny Monday morning, 25 Year 13 students lined up at the gates of Buckingham Palace. They...

An Insight into Investing

3rd May 2019

Robot Wars in Southampton

6th - 7th April 2019

Openings in House Drama, Closing the Half Term

4th April 2019

Exceptionnel! Fun On The French Exchange

27th March - 2nd April 2019

Breathing New Life into DCGS Music

4th April 2019

Swimming for Gold in the Gala

2nd April 2019

A Night of Rock and Roll

1st April 2019

Dasbait Charity Day

29th March 2019

Showcasing the EPQ

28th March 2019

A Trip to Chesil Beach

27th-29th March 2019

Challoner's Tops the German League

27th March 2019

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